Linux livecd with brailleaccess.

Samuel Thibault samuel.thibault at
Tue Feb 7 09:00:35 UTC 2006


Aldo, le Tue 07 Feb 2006 09:47:34 +0100, a écrit :
> - can you use Jaws in X? (probably not)


> but how about switching from Cygwin+brltty to W$+JFW: who's the
> braille driver then?

Brltty and jaws take and release the braille device as appropriate.

> - is it safer than when running Window$ alone? or as unsecure as
> Window$ uses to be? (still need proprietary antivirus soft for ex.?)
> - is it more stable than Window$ uses to be?

cygwin is just a windows program, nothing more. So it doesn't have any
security/stability consequences, except if you run the sshd server for


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