Recording Streaming Audio?

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Thu Feb 16 16:38:38 UTC 2006

Ever end up getting banned because of wget not being the best user agent 
around? I heard 2 others that are not liked are freeamp and Jet Audio. I 
think banning on either user agent or having only 2 connections open is bad 
because the agent name can probably be changed to winamp or media player and 
people do use routers. These days one almost needs a router smart enough to 
take a stream and feed it 2 places rather than opening out a second 
connection that is thought usually to be a recorder.

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> That is correct.  Fortunately, that's not what I was suggesting.  You 
> listen to the mp3 file you're downloading with wget.  Jump to about the 
> last 30 seconds and listen away.  Technically it's a broken file since 
> it's still being downloaded live but I've done that with Winamp and it 
> works.  As far as Linux players, I'm not sure but you could just keep 
> restarting the downloaded file and go to the end every time if it doesn't 
> support streaming.
> At 08:22 AM 2/15/2006, you wrote:
>>What you probably don't want to do is to just record and open a second 
>>copy of the stream to listen to. I heard that is a good way to get banned.
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