Advice for blind linux newbie

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Thu Jul 6 14:38:56 UTC 2006

i forgot
the answer under linux for gui
is fedora core more than 3
but the cli is more suitable for a blind.
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> Hi, I have just subscribed.  Hello to everyone.  I was hoping for some 
> advice.  My friend is visually impaired and has been struggling with 
> windows for the last year.  The GUI is what is causing him the most 
> problems.  As he has never been able to see well enough to grasp concepts 
> such as tabs, menus and the desktop, he often gets lost and doesn't know 
> where he is.  His learning has come to a halt and he is getting 
> frustrated, so I have come here.  I have wanted to try Linux myself and 
> thought I could learn a little along the way by setting it up for him.
> On windows he uses Zoomtext (screen magnifier) and Jaws (screen reader). 
> I think this causes him more problems as he won't rely on either 
> completely.  So I am looking for a simple setup that allows him to play 
> music, read emails and browse the web.  Can anyone recommend which Linux 
> distros I could use and what I should install for accessibility with your 
> reasons please?  This would be a great help.
> Thank you
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