Converting .rm2mp3?

Lukas Loehrer listaddr1 at
Sat Jul 15 16:38:36 UTC 2006

Hart Larry writes ("Converting .rm2mp3?"):
> I used m player to rip an audio stream.  I want to convert it from a dot rm to 
> an mp3.  

Below is the script I use for this. I got the idea from some mailing list post
whose origin I forgot. You can specify the encoding quality by
providing additional options to lame. I usually stick to the presets.

any2mp3 stream.dump test1.mp3
any2mp3 test2.mp3

mplayer will show some error messages but they are not prolematic in
my experience.

> With m player, I wish I could use the -dumpstream and make an mp3 on the fly 
> from the stream.

I think you can also specify the URL of your stream as the first parameter
to the script instead of a local input file. See the above example.

Hth, Lukas

-- Script follows here --
# Converts anything mplayer can play to mp3
# Usage: any2mp3 infile outfile

# Command line arguments

# Lame options


# Set up fifo
rm -f $pipe
mkfifo $pipe

# Do the conversion 
mplayer -novideo -vc null -vo null -really-quiet -ao pcm:file=$pipe "$INFILE" > /dev/null &
lame -S --preset $QUALITY $MORE_LAME_ARGS $pipe "$OUTFILE"

# Clean up
rm -f $PIPE

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