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I've heard mostly AT&T voice on phone systems, don't really like it that 
much but I'd rather live with it than Festival any day, but I don't think 
anyone sells a Linux version of that. I found on a Voip forum that the 
Asterisk system may be able to support Cepstral, not sure about Dec though. 
I've never heard the 3 voices they mention being available for Linux though, 
but I'm sure they have samples on their site.
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> Actually there's lots of use for speech engines on Linux provided you're 
> in the right line of work.  Speech recognition and speech synthesis are 
> found in some pretty interesting places and expensive equipment having 
> absolutely nothing to do with the blindness industry.  As early as 1961 
> speech synthesis was installed in fighter aircraft and the reason it 
> sounded so bad was pilots were its primary consumers and they needed to be 
> able to distinguish it from radio and intercom traffic.  What I've just 
> told you I read about in a library several years ago doing a college 
> research project.  Beyond that, expensive hospital equipment has speech 
> synthesis on it.  The magnetic resonance imaging machines and other gear 
> need to give patients instructions and no Microsoft hasn't got a monopoly 
> on that market either.
> On Thu, 27 Jul 2006, Brent Harding wrote:
>> Gnome is all it works with. The problem I ran into is that Gnopernicus 
>> couldn't compile because of lack of some library that I forget now but 
>> never could find. Is there any better speech for it than Festival though? 
>> I doubt there is little use for speech engines on linux besides for blind 
>> people and it seems that nothing supports much software speech besides 
>> Festival.
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>>  Hello!
>>  I'm planning to try gnopernicus.
>>  Now when I install fedora I get both x window system, kde desktop and 
>> gnome desktop.
>>  Can I safely remove these two and only install gnome desktop and skip 
>> the x window system, or do I need that as well?
>>  ALso, do I need to have the braille api runtime in order to get braille 
>> support in gnopernicus?
>>  /Kristoffer
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