What is the best email quoting for blind users?

Dave Mielke dave at mielke.cc
Thu Jun 1 13:28:30 UTC 2006

[quoted lines by M. Fioretti on 2006/06/01 at 15:14 +0200]

>Thanks for sharing this information. Yes, the more I read and think
>about it, the more it looks like there is no real reason to ever
>remove > quotes in email messages.

Here's another, potentially controversial, thought of mine on this topic. 
Blind people who push for some sort of special pract5ices on "their" lists are
doing no less than voluntarily excluding themselves from all the other lists.
We should learn to function adequately on all lists so that we won't be
isolating ourselves into our own subcommunities, thus creating the very
segregation that we resent so much when others do it to us. Since we can't
change evryone else, especially on all the other good lists, it's essential
that we learn to live within the practices of the majority, and even to use
them, and, where necessary, to advocate for accessibility aids, tool
accommodation, etc.

>One final question. As a braille user, what do you think of the
>quoting style I have used in this email, that is, keeping your quote
>with > signs and attribution, then starting my answer with the "Marco
>Fioretti answers" line?
>Could it be the best of both worlds, that is complying with
>traditional quoting netiquette and, at the same time, separating
>quotes from replies for speech readers or braille terminals which
>ignore the ">" signs?

I suppose, although my initial reaction, having not paid enough attention to
your actual name on the "From:" line, was that you were beginning to quote some
other person.

I think that you, as the author of a message, shouldn't need to 
attempt to accommodate 
all possible ways of viewing your message. If some screen reader or message 
filter strips out the > quotes, then, in my opinion, it's also the job of that 
very same screen reader or message filter to add whatever annotation, e.g. 
"author answers", in order to help reclarify what its editing has unclarified.

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