What is the best email quoting for blind users?

M. Fioretti mfioretti at mclink.it
Thu Jun 1 13:14:15 UTC 2006

On Thu, Jun 01, 2006 08:52:22 AM -0400, Dave Mielke (dave at mielke.cc)

> I didn't make the original statement, but, as a braille user, I'll
> respond to it anyway. The > quotes at the beginning of a line are
> nowhere near as annoying in braille as they would be if individually
> spoken. It's very easy to skim over them with ones fingers, or, in
> fact, to just begin to read each line a little bit in from the
> start.

Marco Fioretti answers:


Thanks for sharing this information. Yes, the more I read and think
about it, the more it looks like there is no real reason to ever
remove > quotes in email messages.

One final question. As a braille user, what do you think of the
quoting style I have used in this email, that is, keeping your quote
with > signs and attribution, then starting my answer with the "Marco
Fioretti answers" line?

Could it be the best of both worlds, that is complying with
traditional quoting netiquette and, at the same time, separating
quotes from replies for speech readers or braille terminals which
ignore the ">" signs?


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