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Geoff Shang geoff at
Sun Mar 5 07:53:54 UTC 2006

Rinaldo wrote:

> How do I capture the information on the screen to a file     please? I have
> Linux 2.6 and Fedora 2 with speakup.

Depends exactly what you want to do.

Option 1: You come across something that you want to save.  This is 
something you dont' expect to want to capture or you can't capture by any 
other method.  You can use speakup's Cut and Paste fascility.  Go to the 
start of the text you want and press slash on the number pad.  Speakup 
should say "mark".  Then go to the end and press slash again.  Speakup will 
say "cut".  Then open a document in your favourite editor and paste it with 
insert plus numpad slash.  Speakup will say "paste".  The obvious 
disadvantage of this is that you can only capture what is on the screen at 
any one time.

Option 2: You have a command whose output you want to save.  You can do 
this by using the > symbol to redirect standard output. Example:

ls >filelist.txt

Note that this only captures standard output.  If you need standard error 
as well, you'll need to do something like this:

make >output.txt 2>&1

This method is only of any use with programs which aren't interactive.

Option 3: YOu have a program that you interact with whose output you want 
to capture.  You can use script to do this.  Just run script before you 
start, run your programs, then exit the shell script started and all the 
text that went to your screen will be saved.

Note that this doesn't work real well with fullscreen applications.

Hope one of these is what you need.


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