Linux Screen Reader 0.1.0

Brent Harding bharding at
Fri Mar 24 22:27:38 UTC 2006

I wonder if this is better than gnopernicus? I also wonder if I can use any 
better sounding speech besides Festival which I don't particularly care for? 
I have CD's around here somewhere of speakup Fedora core 3 or 4, forget 
which now as I almost must use software speech some how unless I can buy an 
ISA to PCI adapter card somewhere.

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> Linux Screen Reader
> A scriptable screen reader for the Linux GNOME desktop environment.
> The Linux Screen Reader (LSR) is an application that transforms the
> contents of the computer screen to other media, enabling non-visual
> access to the graphical Gnome desktop environment. The basic function of
> the screen reader is to report changes in the state of an application as
> a user interacts with it using the keyboard or other system input
> device. What is reported to the user and what commands are available for
> controlling the screen reader are determined by cascading scripts that
> completely define the user experience. The scripts can be loaded and
> unloaded by the user at run time, and custom scripts can be written to
> improve the usability of certain applications and interactions.
> [...]
> Enjoy!
> --Hans
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