Telnet and FTP between a DOS System and Linux Boxes

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Sun Nov 19 10:40:47 UTC 2006

There is a tcp/ip complet stack under pctcp. Although the pctcp is out of support, I find it perfect for somebody willing to have his dos machine connected to the net. it has telnet (tn.exe), ftp client/server, mail (with smtp/pop3/...), and all you'd need.... but the encrypted services (ssh/sftp/...).

BTW, has somebody succeeded in making work dosssh package?



> 	I need to have a telnet and an FTP client on a DOS
> system.  The last version of MS-Kermit for DOS has support for at
> least telnet and the use of the kermit protocol over an Ethernet
> providing one uses the right drivers.
> 	What is the least painful way to get FTP and telnet
> clients in DOS that works well with speech?  MS-Kermit works
> just fine with speech but I have seen some FtP clients that
> cause the speech to behave strangely because they do something odd
> with the way characters are sent out.
> 	I need the FTP client to hopefully backup the DOS system
> over a network to a Linux host that can handle 
> backups much more gracefully than feeding one floppy after
> another in to the DOS box and hoping that if you need them, they
> will not let you down.
> 	I did find a set of drivers on a site in England that
> reportedly works with Kermit.  The collection is called
> Thanks in advance.
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