DOS Linux and dsl?

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Wed Jan 3 06:18:25 UTC 2007

I've got speakup working on debian and use a dsl connection with that box. 
The provider is for dsl before I get to  The 
modem I use is an actiontech provided by verizon and I use links for the 
first connect since the dsl modem needs to be configured first.  That's 
also a good test to find out if you'll have a working internet connection 
on Linux.  Another machine an amd-64 I have has its ethernet card built 
into the motherboard with a connection on the outside back of the 
computer.  The amd until I put a real ethernet card into it will not work 
with linux and ethernet since dhcpcd and dhclient can't find the card 
built into the motherboard.  So the commands to get this working when it 
will work are as follows:
1) ifconfig -a and read what comes up; no eth0 or eth1 we're in trouble do 
not pass go and do not collect $200.
2) ifconfig eth0 --promisc up
That brings the ethernet card up (not in promiscuous mode).  Use 
promiscuous mode and you raise your internet profile to levels likely to 
get your machine hacked.
3) dhclient eth0
that brings up dhcp so you can get some stuff from the net.
3) alternatively dhcpcd eth0 systems will have one or the other usually.
4) links to set up the modem have i.s.p. password ready.
First time you get asked for password enter admin.  Then choose basic 
configuration and choose pppoe type connection.  Then the second password 
prompt is where the verizon or provider password goes.  After that save 
and exit and wait about a minute for your modem to be updated.  This 
should only need doing rarely.
5) adsl-setup to set up pppoe.  this should only need doing rarely.
6) pon dsl-proider that bings pppoe connection up.  No pppoe connection
    and i.S.P.'s that use it like verizon block ssh and web connections.

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