Building edbrowse on Debian

C.M. Brannon cmbrannon at
Mon Jul 2 16:14:31 UTC 2007

Martin McCormick <martin at> writes:

> I thought for a while I might get edbrowse-3.2.1 to build since
> the README file mentions Debian, but I think we are running in
> to the thing I call the orphan syndrome. So much stuff has

Hi Martin,
The makefile refers to smjs, but Debian calls it mozjs.
So change -lsmjs to -lmozjs in the "LIBS = " line.
There are two sets of CFLAGS definitions in the makefile.  The second
is commented out.  Uncomment the second line, replace smjs with mozjs,
and comment out the first CFLAGS line.
That *should* do it.

edbrowse 3.2.1 is already packaged for Debian unstable, but I'm not
sure about Debian stable.
On my grml system, "apt-get install edbrowse" grabs the latest

Hope this helps,
-- Chris

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