Notebooks and Distros

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Fri Jun 8 13:23:47 UTC 2007

So just to be clear, you tried to boot from the ubuntu live CD and tried to 
get it to run orca? One thing you might try is to see if it will boot 
without speech. You can start speech after it boots into graphics mode. I 
don't know the exact key sequence but it's on the ubuntu web site. It's 
something like F2 to open a  run-command window, type'gnome-terminal', that 
opens a command window. Then you type 'su -' to become root. Then you run 
orca by typeing 'orca'.

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> Hi all,
> First off, if there's a better spot to ask this, please let me know.
> I just tried to install the Ubuntu Feisty Live CD without sighted 
> assistance on my Asus notebook.
> I got a few seconds passed the accessibility selection and it stopped 
> cold.  Someone told me the screen was completely blank.
> Hah, did I hink that was going to be easy?  Apparently Ubuntu doesn't work 
> well with Asus notebooks, especially the sound.
>   Does anyone know of notebooks that work particularly well with a certain 
> flavor of Linux, preferably one that's not too cumbersome to set up?
>  I just bought this notebook a week ago, so it's not too late to return 
> it.  Of course, I'd rather keep it if possible.
> Thanks, all.
> -Tim
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