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Tim Keenan tkeenan79 at
Fri Jun 8 16:52:04 UTC 2007

On Feisty, I didn't even get to any kind of environment.  The CD only 
spun for about 5 seconds after I selected Orca on the boot options 
screen and continued booting.
On Edgy, it actually booted almost completely, but apparently it 
couldn't start x-Windows.  It said something like "unable to start 
x-server.  Gnome is possibly misconfigured." then something about video.
My system uses a Ge-Force 8400 chip which is fairly new, that's probably 
Right now, barring some new info about this laptop, it's looking like I 
might go with a Dell Inspiron 1501, which is the type with an AMD chip.  
I've been reading on that it works well.


John Heim wrote:
> So just to be clear, you tried to boot from the ubuntu live CD and 
> tried to get it to run orca? One thing you might try is to see if it 
> will boot without speech. You can start speech after it boots into 
> graphics mode. I don't know the exact key sequence but it's on the 
> ubuntu web site. It's something like F2 to open a  run-command window, 
> type'gnome-terminal', that opens a command window. Then you type 'su 
> -' to become root. Then you run orca by typeing 'orca'.
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>> Hi all,
>> First off, if there's a better spot to ask this, please let me know.
>> I just tried to install the Ubuntu Feisty Live CD without sighted 
>> assistance on my Asus notebook.
>> I got a few seconds passed the accessibility selection and it stopped 
>> cold.  Someone told me the screen was completely blank.
>> Hah, did I hink that was going to be easy?  Apparently Ubuntu doesn't 
>> work well with Asus notebooks, especially the sound.
>>   Does anyone know of notebooks that work particularly well with a 
>> certain flavor of Linux, preferably one that's not too cumbersome to 
>> set up?
>>  I just bought this notebook a week ago, so it's not too late to 
>> return it.  Of course, I'd rather keep it if possible.
>> Thanks, all.
>> -Tim
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