How early to start BRLTTY?

Dave Mielke dave at
Tue May 8 05:58:48 UTC 2007

[quoted lines by Tobias Vinteus on 2007/05/06 at 17:28 +0200]

>A few years ago, when was running earlier versions of both Fedora and
>BRLTTY, I could start BRLTTY already in inittab. Nowadays however, I start
>it from rc.local; that is to say, quite late in the boot process.
>Does anyone know exactly where in the init process I can stick my call to
>/usr/bin/brltty so as to start it as early as possible? I'm running Fedora

BRLTTY could be started almost immediately at one time when only serial support
was needed and when there were no such things as devfs or udev.  Nowadays,
however, depending on the type of device being used, it may be necessary for
USB or Bluetooth to be initialized first, and/or for any needed device to be
created.  On the Fedora platform these sorts of resources are created by
rc.sysinit. You should be able to start brltty, therefore, after rc.sysinit
completes but before the rest of the boot sequence begins. You can do this by
adding another sysinit line to inittab after the one which runs rc.sysinit. The
one which runs rc.sysinit looks like this:


Try adding a line like the following right after it:


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