very unusal pdf problem?

T. V. Raman raman at
Tue May 15 02:24:56 UTC 2007

I think you have a corrupted PDF file from what I see in the
error messages. 
Perhaps the file was compressed or otherwise encrypted over and
above being a PDF file.

>>>>> "Karen" == Karen Lewellen <klewellen at> writes:
    Karen> Hello all again, Here is the capture of the error
    Karen> messages, and the return echo code.  I have not tried
    Karen> the last suggestion yet, forcing a null config, but
    Karen> will do that shortly.  Here you go, Karen
    Karen> [klewellen] $ pdftotext -opw 'nature*fox'
    Karen> from_idea_to_air.pdf > ideam.txt Error (1127608): Name
    Karen> token too long Error (1127613): Dictionary key must be
    Karen> a name object Error (1127614): Dictionary key must be
    Karen> a name object Error (1127620): Dictionary key must be
    Karen> a name object Error (1127728): Name token too long
    Karen> Error (1127875): Name token too long Error (1127880):
    Karen> Dictionary key must be a name object Error: End of
    Karen> file inside dictionary
    Karen> [klewellen] $
    Karen> On Mon, 14 May 2007, Henry Yen wrote:
    >> Looks exactly right.  Would you be able to post the total
    >> output of your command?  If the error messages can be
    >> looked at in the source code, perhaps we can get a hint.
    >> Also, the output redirection implies that you're using a
    >> different version than what I'm looking at, so also post
    >> the output of: pdftotext -v
    >> Also, also, immediately after the failing command, post
    >> the return code: echo $?
    >> Also, also, also, maybe you've got a strange config file
    >> that's being read; try forcing a null config file, e.g.:
    >> pdftotext -cfg /dev/null -opw 'nature*fox'
    >> from_idea_to_air.pdf
    >> On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 17:51:30PM -0400, Karen Lewellen
    >> wrote:
    >>> Hi there, here is exactly hat I am typing.  pdftotext
    >>> -opw 'nature*fox' from_idea_to_air.pdf > idea2.txt I get
    >>> a number of errors, including that the name token is too
    >>> long, that the dictionary must be a known object, and
    >>> some repeats of the above.  Thanks for your hints on
    >>> this.  See anything wrong with how I am entering the
    >>> command?
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