Console text file viewer

Stefano Manzi stefanomanzi at
Mon May 21 13:59:11 UTC 2007

Use vi, a powerful editor.

Some of its commands are:

vi filename: opens an existing file indicated on the command line,or creates 
a new one

While inside the editor:

:w (be careful to use the semi-colon): writes, or saves, the changes o the 
file you are working
:q (quit) closes all opened files ad quits the editor
:wq saves and closes a file and exits the editor
:q! (q followed by exclamation mark) exits without saving any modifiation

The above mentioned an other commands available in this program, must be 
given in command mode. Simplypress ESC when using the editor, type the 
semi-colon(:) followe by the comand.


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