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Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Mon May 21 15:59:22 UTC 2007

lb will do most of what you want.

lb (Less with Bookmarks) is a set of Bash scripts I wrote to view text files 
and automatically keep a bookmark so you will start up where you left off. 
Though there's only one bookmark per file, you can have multiple links to 
the same file and each will have its own bookmark. You can search by 
invoking less or more from within lb. It has a pipe feature (you give lb the 
list of commands to execute and it puts the output into lb) so you can use 
lynx or facsimile to view html files as text. You can run it under Windows 
by installing Cygwin or other *nix emulator.

About the only thing it won't do for you is scroll automatically. It's very 
much page oriented. It will align pages so the top of the page is at the top 
of the screen. If there are no form feeds within the length of the screen it 
will be screen oriented. It allows tons of keys to scroll to the next page 
(Space, Enter, PageDown etc). If your file contains brf or brl in its name 
it'll translate all characters to 6-dot braille and you can turn such 
translation on or off by command line options. It contains properly 
formatted man pages for lb and its helpers (a program to allow reentering a 
command from a `select' list, reflow the margins of a file, and several 

If you even blink your eyes in my direction I'll send it to you. And anyone 
else. And their mother-in-law...

Lee Maschmeyer
<lee_maschmeyer at>

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