PS Question about cursor size in Debian and derivatives

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu May 31 10:49:56 UTC 2007

> I have clipped both of your messages to my personal wiki and
> will definitely use the information. Your first post is worthy
> of publication. I hope you might consider doing so, along with
> an update for the Gursor Maker package.

Please don't consider my first post worth the electrons they
occupy until you've tried it and seen if it was
mostly untested; and I don't know how well modified cursor-themes
play with KDE/Gnome, as I simply use Fluxbox with the stock
cursor-set that I got. :-)

> and haven't yet developed enough expertise with Linux to be
> helpful very often.

Well, as you said, "I can not be the only one looking for such
information."  There are plenty of times somebody has asked
questions on lists, and I've thought "I've always wanted to know
that but never bothered asking."  The folks on this list (and a
number of other F/LOSS mailing lists) are fairly friendly folks
and will do what they can to offer a hand.  This offers a side
benefit of being archived so that future searchers can find the
answer again in those archives.

> Yes, I am the same Marbux.

well then--thanks for your many hours of work there shedding
light on an area of *my* ignorance.  I'm glad I could return the
favor and offer you a hand.

(user "gumnos" on Groklaw)

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