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Geoff Shang Geoff at
Fri Nov 23 11:01:17 UTC 2007

Daniel Dalton wrote:

> How do I tell it to remove messages from the pop server?

You use the keyward "nokeep" which may or may not be the default (look at 
the fetchmail man page for more info).

> And then what about the smtp stuff do I set that up in alpine?

Depends.  Most people set up their linux machines so that mail retrieval 
and transmition are separate from programs like alpine, but you can do both 
within alpine if you want.  The advantage to getting something like 
sendmail or exim to handle outgoing mail and fetchmail to handle incoming 
mail is that you can easily switch between mailers and they won't care, and 
also any mail that the system sends you will appear along with your regular 
mail rather than being in some separate folder.

If you get your mail transport to handle your outgoing mail, how you set it 
up will depend on which MTA you're running.

> And how do I tell alpine to use fetch mail?

You don't.  Alpine will, by default, look in the file pointed to by the 
$MAIL environment variable for your incoming mail.

> And how do I choose to use port 995 for pop and 587 for smtp?
> And I also need to use ssl.

I've not used fetchmail with SSL but there appears to be info about this in 
the fetchmail man page.  This page also seems to indicate that 995 is used 
by default for POP3 over SSL.

As for SMTP, again this depends on which MTA you are using and whether you 
want to use your MTA or do SMTP direct from Alpine.


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