installing ubuntu with orca

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You must understand that the live cd is very slow, so after typing the
ubiquity command to start the installer, leave the computer alone for a
couple of minutes, it should come up talking.
Another thing, did you see the ampersand at the end of the command to start
orca?  My limited knowledge of Linux suggests that it must be there to start
orca as a background process, otherwise you might have problems.

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I followed the instructions at

But it didn't talk in the terminal window once I quit and restarted orca.
Just the orca window was voiced.

When I booted my livecd it spoke and read everything to me. I chose
"screenreader" from the accessibility options in the boot  process but it
didn't talk straight away. I had to go to run application and type orca.

So my question is How do I install ubuntu with orca? Or is there a way I can
do it on my  windows box to the box I am installing to? Like SSH. (I have no
  experience with ssh so have no idea how to do this or how it works)

Any ideas? I am trying to install ubuntu 7.04.

Thanks for any help.

-- Daniel Dalton
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