the Screen Utility and VT100 Definition in .screenrc

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Dec 19 16:22:16 UTC 2008

	Some of us on this list use screen for multiple sessions.
I have for several years but recently, after adding vim, I would
notice that the cursor was tracking the wrong line. The terminal
and screen reader would show it on a given line but if you
started to move it right by hitting l, it was obviously off by a
line because the characters echoed back were from the line

	It came to a head when I was using vi-style command
edits on a new ubuntu system. The cursor would start off one
space to the right, missing the first character completely, and
making insertions and deletions a 3-ring circus.

	I looked at .screenrc and decided to start removing all
references to the vt100 terminal until something either got
better or worse.
The first one was a line about 18 lines from the top reading:

term vt100

	I or something had put it above the line that reads

# advertise hardstatus support to $TERMCAP

	I took it out and reran screen. It looks like all the
problems went away at once.

	vim now works like vi and the command editing of shell
commands is spot on where it should be.

	Somewhere in the Debian upgrade process, something got
tighter and the .screenrc file I had been using for years needed
a little attention.

Martin McCormick

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