SV: Linux without sighted help

Geoff Shang Geoff at
Wed Feb 6 18:54:40 UTC 2008


What Kirk says is true in theory, but in practice if you're going to 
install the operating system by yourself, then your choices will be a 
little limited.

There are Speakup boot images for the latest Debian and Fedora releases. 
As mentioned, Ubuntu no longer comes with Speakup included, but I *think* 
that maybe version 7.04 or 6.10 had it.  Not sure if you could install with 
it, say from the alternate boot CD.

there are other smaller distributions like GRML which can also be installed 
with Speakup.

I know it has been possible to install other distributions using Speakup in 
the past, but I'm not sure of the current status of any other distribution 


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