SV: Linux without sighted help

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Wed Feb 6 18:46:00 UTC 2008

I deserve the buns jab but, honestly did not have time or resources 
until now, after my moving to Canada. my feet as I write is 
a set up machine waiting for this distribution, which is a lot further than I have done 
before so there grin!

I could not install until i had all of the hardware which now I do.
I thought i was the person asking about synths, but who knows.
to me as well full support means the console type setup, and for now that 
is what I want since I  am running DOS as my main os on the  c drive of 
this system.
Thanks for the answer though,
Karen behind a hedge.

On Wed, 6 Feb 2008, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Well, I wasn't responding to you Karen at all.  I was replying to the
> other poster wanting to know which distribution best supported
> hardware synths.
> As for the Dectalk Express probably debian or fedora but your
> qualification about full support is open to interpretation.  Full
> support to me is a text based console, however for others it would
> include or maybe exclusively be 'X' support.  But I feel what you are
> really doing is hedging because you've been asking silly questions
> about this stuff for years and never actually got off your buns and
> installed anything.  Try one and if you like it keep it.  If you don't
> blow it away and try another one.  You could have installed every one
> of them in the time you have been trying to decide which one to try.
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