playing short tune via beep

Martin McCormick martin at
Fri Feb 8 03:10:31 UTC 2008

	It works. I installed the newly-built kernel on 3
systems, all older Dells of various but similar configuration.

	One worked immediately after rebooting. One hasn't
worked yet, and the other one is the reason for this message.

	It seems that the timer/counter signal on this one
system is run as an analog input to the sound chip. This
particular set of simple mixer controls has one that is called
"mono output" and another control just called plain old mono.

	The "mono output" control will route sound chip audio
from either channel to the little internal speaker.

	The control labeled "mono" turns out to be the output
from the timer/counter or classic P.C. speaker.

	It started working as soon as I turned it on and cranked
up the volume. This means that the beeps can go to one's main
speakers or headphones. The internal speaker will respond to
both the sound card as well as the timer/counter once you have
that switch on.

	There are lots of variations even among the same
computers so if you have one that isn't beeping but should be,
check the simple mixer controls to see if one of them lets
timer/counter audio through.

	Unfortunately, some P.C.'s have no speaker or somebody
disconnected it for some reason so you will have to be a good

Martin McCormick

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