What is a talking X

Stephen Clower steve at steve-audio.net
Thu Feb 28 15:44:17 UTC 2008

josh wrote:
> but gnome will only run on newer computers, right? gnome and orca? if 
> you want to use linux on an older computer you have to use the cli 
> because XFCE desktop is not accessible yet.

Even if it were, I wouldn't use it. Regardless of whether GNOME will run 
on a computer or not, it's good to know how to navigate in the 
command-line. Graphical environments are powerful and can often insulate 
you from what's really going on, but let me tell you something. If 
something goes wrong, or GNOME won't boot, or an update was applied 
incorrectly, you're placed right back into the console. Learn the 
console, and you can be comfortable with Linux just about anywhere.

As for only new computers running GNOME, that isn't necessarily so. What 
is old? What is new? I've seen machines with as little as a 4 GB hard 
drive and 256 MB of RAM running GNOME and Orca. It wasn't great, but it 
worked. Disable services you don't need, and you'll see that even in 
GNOME, Linux is fast.

- Steve

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