Linux without sighted help

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Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation.

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> There is a Linux emulator you can run under Windows. I guess there are 
> several but the one  I'm familiar with is cygwin ( If you 
> have a couple GB of free disk space you can install everything; it 
> provides a pretty good system - slower than real Linux but usable. If you 
> have a braille display you can run brltty which gives a nearly 
> indistinguishable look and feel; if you use speech you'll have to use your 
> Windows screen reader. Since I'm not a speech user I don't know a lot 
> about that.
> I use it all the time for light tasks like checking man and info pages, 
> running ssh, using Lynx, reading books, and stuff like that. It works a 
> bit better if you run Screen on Cygwin.
> The installer is tricky. It strikes many people as inaccessible. My 
> experience is that it isn't inaccessible at all, just clumsy as the 
> dickens; if you install the default system and then add everything else 
> (note: a two-stage approach) the installer isn't hard once you figure out 
> what's going on.
> Go to, read a bit, install the default system, then read 
> the user's guide and install everything else.
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