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Daniel Dalton d.dalton at
Wed Mar 12 07:59:07 UTC 2008

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Tony Baechler wrote:

> Daniel Dalton wrote:
>> And are you saying questions like; "Does anyone know of a good whatever for 
>> linux?"
>> Replacing whatever with what you want is not ok?
> No, but the great thing about free software is that you can try every 
> different program out there just with "aptitude install whatever." I often 
> install two or three similar programs until I determine what I like and what 
> works for me. If program 1 doesn't work, I go to program 2, etc. If I tried 
> every possible option and have yet to find anything I like, I ask here. Just 
> trying one program is a start but not enough. If you have a good reason why


Sorry if I sounded agressive. I was trying to say that I had tried tmsnc, 
however, the rest looked like graphical apps to me and libraries.

But yes I should probably look a little harder next time or search for 
stuff on google to if apt doesn't give me what I want.

And your right it can't hurt to try lots of different software.

So sorry about that.
But I didn't find a message with the line
apt-cache search msn
terribly useful since I had stated in my post I did a search through apt 
so I 
obviously have some idea with apt searches.

So sorry if my message was a bit abrupt, I didn't intend for that at all.

> system, that's of course different but I didn't see any of those things in 
> your original post.

Yes, ok.

>>> either one, but at least I 
>> bothered to look. As I said, I saw several text
>>> mode MSN clients in my very brief search and I didn't even look at
>> So your now saying I didn't bother?
> No, I'm saying that it's a good start but it didn't go far enough. OK, 
> "aptitude purge x" and "aptitude install y" would have been better in terms 
> of looking.

Of course. But a lot looked like graphical apps to me like gaim for 

> I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it seems to me that if a distro 
> supplies thousands of packages and a good and easy way to search through 
> them, people should try all possible options until they find what they like 
> before giving up. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with asking for help,


> and of course accessibility is a concern, I'm just saying that looking at one 
> thing and giving up is hardly bothering. Maybe I'm wrong and am being too

Yes your right I should try more and I probably didn't look terribly hard, 
but as I said libraries and stuff that I saw wasn't exactly what I wanted.
I am now using pebroc and that is working nicely for me.
(Its not in the repo.)

> judgmental. I'm sure others will chime in if they disagree with me. If I'm

Your not. And your correct.
And yes I will look harder next time.

> wrong, I'm sorry and I'll either shut up or try to be more helpful in the

No, most of your replies have been very helpful. I was just a bit 
disapointed with a message containing
"apt-cache search msn" when I had already done this.
But yes please continue to help, and I'm sorry if I sounded abrupt and for 
asking instead of looking!

> future. Obviously Daniel thinks that I'm not being fair from his post and 
> maybe he's right.

Well I wouldn't say that exactly, but as I said the first message wasn't 
that helpful and I think it should be ok to ask about good applications 
with speakup on this list.
But your right in saying that you might as well test lots of different 
And I will do this nextime.
So sorry about not looking and next time I will look for longer.

And your posts are always helpful even though I may not think so sometimes 
so please continue to help, because 99% of the time you answer the 
question or give the answer the person was looking for.
And I guess 1% of the time with anyone sometimes there message isn't as 
helpful as the other 99% but that rarely happens.
So thanks for the help and thanks for all the suggestions.
And please keep helping because as I said your help is really good And I 
really appreciate it.

Daniel Dalton
d.dalton at

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