msn on linux

Tony Baechler tony at
Tue Mar 11 13:41:53 UTC 2008

Daniel Dalton wrote:
> And are you saying questions like; "Does anyone know of a good 
> whatever for linux?"
> Replacing whatever with what you want is not ok?
No, but the great thing about free software is that you can try every 
different program out there just with "aptitude install whatever." I 
often install two or three similar programs until I determine what I 
like and what works for me. If program 1 doesn't work, I go to program 
2, etc. If I tried every possible option and have yet to find anything I 
like, I ask here. Just trying one program is a start but not enough. If 
you have a good reason why you can't grab a bunch of programs, like low 
bandwidth or disk space, or if you're really new to Linux and don't know 
how to use your package management system, that's of course different 
but I didn't see any of those things in your original post.

>> either one, but at least I 
> bothered to look. As I said, I saw several text
>> mode MSN clients in my very brief search and I didn't even look at
> So your now saying I didn't bother?

No, I'm saying that it's a good start but it didn't go far enough. OK, 
"aptitude purge x" and "aptitude install y" would have been better in 
terms of looking.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it seems to me that if a distro 
supplies thousands of packages and a good and easy way to search through 
them, people should try all possible options until they find what they 
like before giving up. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with asking 
for help, and of course accessibility is a concern, I'm just saying that 
looking at one thing and giving up is hardly bothering. Maybe I'm wrong 
and am being too judgmental. I'm sure others will chime in if they 
disagree with me. If I'm wrong, I'm sorry and I'll either shut up or try 
to be more helpful in the future. Obviously Daniel thinks that I'm not 
being fair from his post and maybe he's right.

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