Handbook about perl language

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Wed Mar 12 16:55:28 UTC 2008

Jean Frontin wrote:
> I'm looking for a book about perl but I should want an html or a text 
> version.


There are a couple of options.  Your best bet is probably Bookshare.  
Yes, I know they don't offer most books internationally, but they do 
offer the O'reilly books.  O'reilly has several books on perl, including 
for learning and programming.  The problem is that they are in DAISY so 
you would have to convert them with a browser to plain text or rename 
the xml file to give it an extension of html.  I routinely convert books 
to plain text with Links, but Lynx works reasonably well.  I haven't 
tried w3m.

Your second option is http://empowermentzone.com/ and search for perl.  
I can't guarantee the legality or completeness of what you'll find but 
there used to be some perl books there in plain text.  They might be 
very old though which is why I suggested the first option.  You might 
also try: http://www.oreilly.com/ in case they put it online for browsing.

Finally, there's of course Google or the docs that come with perl.  Try 
"man perldoc" or "perldoc perldoc" and similar combinations once it's 
installed.  That's basically plain text with some markup.

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