Lynx and lynx and cookies.

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu Mar 20 10:14:30 UTC 2008

Karen Lewellen wrote:
> If you are having a problem with amazon and lynx, please do the 
> following.
> call here:
> 1-800-201-7575
> This is amazon's toll free number.
> I have already spoken with tech support, and they realize the problem, 
> but need to know that others are encountering it, and most importantly 
> that a few months back systems worked fine.


I'm referring here to Lynx the cat.  I must say that I've had problems 
with for a lot longer than a few months.  I don't 
remember how long but I would say a year.  Specifically, the editorial 
reviews don't work.  When that happened, I just gave up on the regular 
Amazon site with Lynx.  Now I use a graphical browser and I suggest that 
others do the same.  I still use Lynx for 90% of my browsing needs but 
the fact is that Amazon and many other sites will continue to break on 
text browsers.  Another site that has this problem is  I end 
up in an endless refresh loop with Lynx.  Specifically, I'm told to 
refresh the page because I'm seeing a message that my browser isn't 
supported but that just reloads the same page with the same refresh.  
I'm not sure if it's because of Javascript or not but I'm thinking not.  
In the past few days, Google changed their cookie they issue for 
searches and I get an error about it every time I use the Linux search 
with Lynx.  That never used to happen.  Even was giving me 
problems with Lynx off and on but that seems to be fixed for the 
moment.  Going back to the editorial reviews on Amazon Access, I just 
get a blank page when I try to read them.  Other parts of the access 
site work fine.  Honestly, it isn't worth me calling their phone number 
when I can use Firefox under Windows as I've been doing.  In the case of 
SourceForge, I just use rsync which works faster anyway.  In the case of 
PayPal, and other shopping sites, I use Firefox.  For those 
of you not running Windows, I don't know what to suggest except maybe 
edbrowse which claims to have full Javascript support.

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