is openoffice broken in debian?

Daniel Dalton d.dalton at
Thu May 1 09:49:38 UTC 2008

Sorry for cross-posting, and sorry if this is OT: but does anyone know if 
OO is broken in debian lenny?
On my testing box, I installed or upgraded something that broke pidgin and 
firefox and it looks to be openoffice.
Can a debian lenny user please run:
apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
(as root)
and report back to me if:
- Firefox 3 works correctly with orca (test alt d)
- can you arrow down the office menu and open office writer?
Or does gnome lock up?
- Can you type the email address in the add account dialog in pidgin and 
tab away from it with out locking up gnome?

If you could please let me know I would greatly appreciate it.
I have done 3 reinstalls, and don't want to do 4 so if someone can confirm 
for me I will be confident in running upgrade... :-)


Daniel Dalton
<d.dalton at>

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