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Subject: 	Assistive Device for the Blind: Braille Label Maker
Date: 	Mon, 13 Oct 2008 13:21:22 -0400
From: 	Rachel Tatem <rachelt at mit.edu>
To: 	hzo at gmx.de

My name is Rachel Tatem and I am a senior at MIT.  I am a mechanical 
engineering major currently enrolled in the senior design class, 2.009.  
My team and I are currently working on an assistive device for the blind 
and we were referred to your website by Svetlana and Harris Sussman.  
The product we are aiming to make is a braille label maker that 
functions better than the existing model.  Even though there are designs 
out there, we are trying to develop a product that is easier to use for 
a similar price.  The 3M braille labeller that currently exists has a 
dial that you turn to each letter.  We would like to make our label 
maker using the 6 braille buttons similar to the braille typewriter. 

The way the class is structured, each team starts out with many ideas 
and gradually narrows it down to one.  At this stage of the project, we 
are down to two ideas, and personally I am really pushing for this one.  
On Thursday evening, we have a mock up review.  We need to decide what 
our most risky design factor is and make sure that we can accomplish 
it.  We decided to work on connecting the 6 buttons to the pins that 
would indent into the label tape.  We are working on a mechanical design 
and a design using solenoids to see which one we prefer.  We also are 
trying to figure out how we want the device to look.  We've created four 
different sketch models so far and have been testing them with potential 
users to see what feels best to them.

Since Thursday is coming up shortly, we are trying to meet with as many 
people as possible.  My teammate Karina and I would love to meet with 
you and get your input if you have the time.  Please let us know if you 
could assist us in any way.  We would appreciate it so much.

Thank you for your time.

Rachel Tatem
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