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krishnakant Mane krmane at
Thu Oct 23 04:59:09 UTC 2008

On 23/10/2008, Henry Yen <blinux-mail at> wrote:
> Just a few comments on Live CD's:
hi henry.
> Graphical environments running from a Live CD will be very very sensitive
> to the amount of RAM in the system.  Live CD's will run quite a bit faster
> if you give them a healthy dollop of swap space.  That said, the sheer
> amount of power and features in a modern Linux Live CD over an older
> (almost ten years old!) system such as Windows 98 require a larger amount
> of RAM.  Live CD's tend to throw in everything including the kitchen sink.
yes i agree, and as I keep on asking every one, how much would it cost
if one wants to get even 1 gb of ram memmory?  I am aware that the
hardware costs have drope down to a significant extent and it does not
cost much to upgrade a machine.  I am pritty sure a good motherboard
like 945 with 1 gb ddr2 ram and a dual core processor would cost much
lessser than the lisences of windows and let's say jaws put together
not to mention other lisenses.

So if I were a new user i would throw away my old machine and pay for
the hardware and instal ubuntu wich any ways comes free.
> Perhaps there's an Ubuntu variant that's specifically targeted towards
> low-memory machines that would be more satisfactory, especially when some
> swap space is available (that's a chicken-and-egg problem, of course, as
> it may difficult to allocate swap space until after the system is
> operational,
> which will take a long time because there isn't any swap space).
xfce desktop come with xubuntu and i have seen it working *fast* on a
128 mb ram machine and pritty fast on 256 mb.  So one can put all the
commandline accessibility tools like emacspeak yasr etc on that.
And debian would be good choice again.  So this itself makes a point,
gnu/linux has much more accessibility options under all situations
which windows does not.  And given good memmory and helthy motherboard
and good processor like p4 or dual core at least, ubuntu rocks.

happy hacking.

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