Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at wayne.edu
Mon Oct 27 13:01:42 UTC 2008

Wubi is a way to more-or-less install Ubuntu without having to partition the 
disk. It creates a very few Windows files and you can uninstall it through 
Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs, but it installs Grub as the boot loader 
and you can boot into either Windows or Ubuntu just like with a Linux 
partition on your disk. They say disk I/O is a little slower but the only 
place I can suspect this effect is in running updates when it seems to take 
a few seconds longer. For all the Linux uses I've done it's 
indistinguishable from the separate disk Ubuntu I have at home.

You run the installer from Windows so you have your Windows screen reader 
available. There's a box in there to specify whether you want to install the 
"screen reader", which is Orca, or "braille". If you choose the screen 
reader, Orca works and you can get brltty to work also by going to a console 
(Alt}Ctrl}F1), logging in and starting brltty. If you select braille during 
the installation process Orca doesn't seem to work - at least it hasn't for 
me though I haven't tried very hard to make it function.



Lee Maschmeyer
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan, USA

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