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Mon Oct 27 14:51:38 UTC 2008

At least when it was first released, Wubi came with warnings not to
use it in production environments. It was a method of test-driving
X/K/Ubuntu running on a hard drive that would execute far more rapidly
than burning a live CD and booting from the CD.

The danger in using Wubi in production environments flows mainly from
the fact that the entire Ubuntu system, including apps and data files,
is all rolled up into a single virtual hard drive on the physical
Windows drive, akin to what the old DOS "drive doublers" used to do.
Great while it lasts, but if the file is corrupted, *all* of the data
can be lost. And sectors do go bad on hard drives. If a bit is lost in
the virtual file allocation table, you can be left up the creek
without a paddle.

Moral of the story: Wubi is demo-ware, an improvement of the live CD
demo concept. Very nice for demonstrating Ubuntu, but if you want a
dual-boot Ubuntu production system, your data is better protected if
you install Ubuntu natively rather than using Wubi.

Best regards,

Paul E. ("Marbux") Merrell, J.D.

Universal Interoperability Council

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