Orca under Fedora 12?

Tobias Vinteus tobvin at algonet.se
Tue Dec 8 18:19:43 UTC 2009

Is anyone successfully running Orca under Fedora 12? After several failed 
attempts to get Orca working in both Fedora 11 and Fedora 12, I'm seriously 
considering parting company with Fedora in favor of something more 
accessible. It seems people are having more success with Ubuntu.

I don't know really what the problem is. I've installed Fedora in text mode, 
and afterwards added the Gnome Desktop Environment group, the X Windows 
System group, the Sound and Video group and various and some others, that I 
seemed related. Orca, espeak, festival, speech-dispatcher, gnome-speech, 
brltty (since I want to use braille) are installed, along with their support 
packages. All alsa and pulseaudio-related packages are also in, as far as I 
can tell.

My soundcard works in text mode if I put a has in front of the line that 
loads the pulseaudio plugin. There is no sound in GNOME, neither with nor 
without the hash sign present on that particular line in asound.conf.

I got it all working -Orca, speech and braille - one single time in Fedora 
11, but after rebooting, it all stopped working again, form some reason I 
couldn't work out. In Fedora 11 I had sound, though. Now I have a fresh 
installation of Fedora 12.

Is Orca supposed to work i Fedora 12? If not right out of the box, so at 
least with some tweaking that I'm not aware of?
Thanks in advance for any hints or advise.
King regards,

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