[OT]/Important: for all FR- and NL-language BLinuX listmembers

INFO labrad0r at edpnet.be
Thu Jan 22 12:26:50 UTC 2009

[All my appologies to the listmasters and English-language members, 
this is *urgent*, *important* and a little bit off-topic]:

Dear FR and NL BLinuX friends,

the machine who was running the CarrefourBLinuX list (fr) and the
BLinuXForum list (nl) at freearchive.org died!

That's why some people received "mail undelivery" postages, 
+ the online archives are no longer available, except through

We ask you please to be patient: together with the listadmins we're looking 
for a solution: new disk or migration.

We'll try to keep people informed, but we are afraid we lost some addresses;
so this is why we decided to post this message here.

Thanx for your comprehension and appology once again,

Osvaldo La Rosa & Dominique Asselineau - co admins CBLX
Osvaldo La Rosa & Jan Luyten - co admins BLXF

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