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alex wallis alexwallis646 at
Fri Jan 30 18:59:46 UTC 2009

Am I being completely stupid? I no you said run setup from the command line, 
however what I am doing simply starts the gui installer.
I am going to run, then typing in command, and then going to the folder 
which has setup.exe in and typing setup.exe
the gui installer is then launched.
am I being completely stupid?
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> If you run "setup-1.7 -h" from the commandline it will gnerate a log file 
> and a .log.full file in the same directory.  These files will explain the 
> command-line options.  Which are not the same as explained in the email. I 
> still haven't gotten them to work 100% correctly but at least it is a 
> start.  A better option would be to make the setup accessible but...
> Tom
> On Fri, 30 Jan 2009, Tony Baechler wrote:
>> alex wallis wrote:
>>> You can do things like:
>>> setup -q -n -D -L %SITE% %LOCALDIR% %PACKAGES%
>>> if you set up environment variables for SITE, LOCALDIR, and
>>> Note that PACKAGES should be a comma separated list of packages
>>> you want to install with NO SPACES between entries.
>>> All the dependencies ar looked after automagically.
>>> first off, does anyone no what that first lot of command line switches 
>>> do before the % bits where you have to enter the various options?
>> Hi,
>> Since 1.7 is a test release, I doubt if anyone knows besides the 
>> developers. Have you read the 1.7 user's guide?  Links can be found in 
>> the mailing list archives.  There is a big html file and smaller files. 
>> I'd think that would list what the command line switches do.
>>> also, rightly or wrongly, I have tried entering the info about the 
>>> packages I want to download into a shortcut I created to the cygwin 
>>> setup on my desktop, along with all the info for the mirror site I want 
>>> to use, and the local folder. the setup runs, and it seems to download 
>>> the base set of packages no problem, but it completely ignores the list 
>>> of custom packages I have entered. does anyone have any thoughts why 
>>> this might be?
>> Did you set the environment variables like it says above?  Did you try 
>> from a command prompt with them set?  You're aware that Windows has a 
>> limit on length of command lines, right?  What if you install them in 
>> smaller chunks instead of all at once?  You didn't list what OS you're 
>> using, so there might be a Vista limitation, especially if you're not the 
>> administrator.  If you've tried everything including setting the env vars 
>> and followed any instructions in the manual and it still doesn't work, 
>> file a bug.  After all, it is still a test release and things ard bound 
>> not to work, especially in Vista and 2003/2008 server.
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