Using a server distro

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Mon Jul 20 14:18:27 UTC 2009

Do you have a hardware synth? I always do a minimal debian install when I 
need a server machine. The reason is that then you get the minimum amount of 
bogus stuff that you don't need. At a point in the debian install, you get a 
chance to select what set of packages you want installed and if you uncheck 
desktop applications, the install takes up only  about 2 Mb.  It's not so 
much the disk space that matters as it is that having just the  basic 
packages makes the system easier to maintain. It's just a probability 
statement after all. Fewer packages, fewer problems. Plus, you're less 
likely to have problems with core packages than with some of the more 
advanced, more complicated packages.

AFAIK,  you need a hardware synth to do a debian install.  Although, you can 
probably do a serial console install. I haven't tried one of those in years 

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> Hi,
> I would like to use a Linux server distribution and I don't know which 
> would be the best solution for a blind today.
> It would be very good to be able to use Debian/Ubuntu but I don't know if 
> the server distribution is as accessible as the desktop one, and I don't 
> need desktop apps like Open Office, but I need to use the computer for 
> running web-based apps.
> Please tell me which is the best solution for using Linux in command line 
> mode, without needing to use a hardware synthesizer.
> Thank you.
> Octavian
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