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Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Sat Mar 14 18:31:20 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I realize that this isn't free software, but I would encourage any of 
you who use Speakup to give this a try.  It's rare that a commercial 
company will go out of their way to add speech or make any accessibility 
effort for the blind.  I know there are free alternatives out there, but 
other than a live or rescue CD, I don't know of anything which has 
Speakup built-in and offers disk imaging functionality.  There is of 
course dd which is part of coreutils but it doesn't offer compression.  
Please give this a test and let them know if you have problems with the 
Speakup support.

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Hi Tony,

I got delayed by other issues yesterday, but I'm now making the test
copy with Speakup 3.0.3 available at the following link:

The zip file there includes the iflnet.iso file, a readme file, and the
spkguide.txt file that comes with Speakup. The readme file hopefully
explains the rest well enough for users to try it.

Please note that this ISO file contains the trial (unregistered) version
of IFL 2.26. I asked, but am not able to provide the registered version
for this test. Hopefully, that will be OK.

I will keep the test version available at that link for as long as
necessary - or at least a week or so at any rate.

Thanks again for the response, and of course any feedback is very much
welcome. I put my email address in the readme file for users to send
feedback ( tomp at terabyteunlimited.com )


Tom Pfeifer
TeraByte Consultant

Tony Baechler wrote:
> Yes, I'm still very interested!  With the git versions of Speakup, it
> doesn't matter as much if it is compiled as modules or not as it
> apparently doesn't speak every boot message anyway.  The idea behind
> compiling it into the kernel was to keep the size down and to have
> access to all boot messages, but anything is better than nothing. 
> Modules would be fine and probably makes more sense.  Yes, I would like
> to download and try the test image.  I realize that IFL isn't free
> software, but is there any way the rest of the Speakup community could
> test this?  That would test a lot more hardware combinations and
> different synthesizers than I have available here.
> TeraByte Support (TP) wrote:
>> Hi Tony,
>> A while ago, you contacted us about adding speakup to the IFL boot disk.
>> I realize this was over a year ago, but if you are still interested, I
>> can make a test copy of the IFL boot disk ISO file (iflnet.iso)
>> available for download within the next day or so.
>> It will have speakup (version 3.0.3) compiled directly into the kernel,
>> which you indicated was preferable to using modules. Any feedback you
>> could give us would be extremely helpful.
>> Thanks and regards,

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