Any mailing list related to blind people and VOIP?

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Tue Apr 13 23:48:40 UTC 2010

I never found one, but there should be. This is something I'm real 
interested in as well. For $8, a company called TeamVPS offers I think a 
virtual box with 128 mb of ram, 25 gigs of storage, and around 150 gb a 
month of bandwidth, but what sold it was that you can install distros like 
PBXInaflash, Trixbox, and Elastix. Even if you had the spare box at home, 
you need sighted help to install, but these, you just reinstall from their 
web panel if you tinker too much on the VPS. I thought, like everyone says, 
these will get too loaded down to ever allow things to work smooth, bad 
unhearable calls with Express talk in Windows. Calls routed from there to my 
cell, you couldn't tell it wasn't a landline, switching to SJPhone fixed all 
of it. As for providers, the only ones that offer Sip service without their 
own box are Callcentric and Vitelity. I think Vitelity has less background 
static, or comfort noise as some call it. I'm even surprised that fax can 
work, sending is able to be done with a windows client that adds itself to 
the printers list, I think receiving you need a dedicated extra number for 
and it goes to email, and they OCR fine, if you find a faxback service to 
send you something to test. All in all it's fun to play with Voip.

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> Hi all,
> Since there are so many mailing list out there someone on this list may 
> know.
> Is there some list related to VOIP, Voice Over IP and blind and visually 
> impaired people?
> It could be fun to discuss different providers, giving advice and also 
> talk about different PBX software, like Asterisk that I am running myself 
> when I have something installed, smile.
> What do you all think?
> Christian
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