Looking for a CD Burner in Debian

Christopher Brannon chris at the-brannons.com
Fri Dec 3 15:06:05 UTC 2010

Karen Lewellen <klewellen at shellworld.net> writes:

> My question about socks though is if you can burn a real audio cd with
> it? one that can be played in standard stereo equipment?

It is a two-step process.  Here's what I do.  First, I use sox to
convert the audio file to the proper format:
sox myfile.wav -t cdr myfile.cdr
myfile.cdr is now suitable for burning to a CD.  I wrote a
little shell script long ago, so that I don't have to remember the
parameters used by the CD-burning utility.  It is attached.  Just call
it with the name of an audio file.  I'm tempted to extend it a little
bit, so that it calls other utilities to perform automatic file conversions.
The path of the CD burner is hard-coded into the script.  Over here,
that's /dev/cdrw0.  Also, I hard-coded a speed of 12, because I was
having trouble burning at high speeds.

-- Chris
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