Looking for a CD Burner in Debian

Karen Lewellen klewellen at shellworld.net
Fri Dec 3 14:38:56 UTC 2010

Chris asked...

> Yes, OGG/Vorbis is a lossy encoding.  There's also OGG/FLAC, which is
> lossless.  Personally, I cannot hear the difference between lossless
> audio and a lossy codec at high bitrates.  I tend to encode music at 128
> or 256 kbits/second, and that has always been quite acceptable to me.
> Does anyone else notice a difference between lossless and
> high-bitrate-lossy, or is my hearing worse than I think it is?
absolutely, but I work in radio and as a musician.  many factors may 
prevent you from noticing it however, including playback material, the 
source material itself,  and what you are listening too.
try comparing if you came the same song  in lossly, and in the real thing 
like a cd or lp.
There are specific parameters for cd quality for example,  256 is too 
My question about socks though is if you can burn a real audio cd with  it? 
one that can be played in standard stereo equipment?


> -- Chris

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