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Mon Dec 27 19:35:06 UTC 2010


Your hard drive might not be as dead as u think.

1) Try putting it in the freezer for a day or so. Yeah, I know, sounds
crazy, but I've actually revived drives doing that long enough to get
stuff off.
2) It might be the external circuitry, rather than the drive itself.
Take the drive out of the case & connect it to your computer using the
appropriate cable.

On 12/27/10, Kristoffer Gustafsson <kg84 at> wrote:
> Hi.
> yesterday my external harddrive crashed.
> I lost very very much files, including the ttsynth binaries and the serial
> number.
> Since ttsynth is no longer availbable, I can't buy it again.
> but since I've already bought, there must be a way to get my serial number
> back.
> Who shall I contact and ask for help?
> I know I could buy voxin, but it seems very hard to install and configure.
> /Kristoffer

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