File Mannagement and Selective Playing with mpg123

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Thu Dec 30 12:46:33 UTC 2010

On 12/29/2010 09:46 PM, Hart Larry wrote:
> but I think mp3splt will only devide a file which was wrapped.

mp3splt works on any file and can divide a file based on 
described split-points (such as the metadata file generated by 
mp3join), based on time intervals (every 3 minutes becomes a new 
mp3) or based on silence-thresholds (I tried that, but had less 
luck because many podcasts include filler or background music 
that obscure the airtime silence).

The main reason I use mp3splt/mp3join instead of sox is that  sox 
transcodes the file(s) degrading the quality a little at each 
split/join; while mp3splt/mp3join just copy the raw data-frames 
into the new file without transcoding.  If you have uncompressed 
audio (.flac, .wav, .au, etc) then using sox could work well too.

I formerly used mp3splt for all of my podcasts because my old mp3 
player (an RCA Opal piece of junk) would only remember the track 
of a podcast (not where in the track) you were if you turned it 
off, and the fast-forward button worked in such small increments 
that it was a pain.  So I use mp3splt to chop up my podcasts into 
3-minute segments so I only ever had to fast-forward or rewind by 
about 1.5 minutes instead of sitting there waiting to 
fast-forward through 40 minutes of an hour show.  However I now 
have a new mp3 player which isn't as brain-dead, so I don't have 
to slice up my podcasts.


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