Braille Transcription Software Needs XPath Expert

John J. Boyer john.boyer at
Wed Jan 13 15:19:02 UTC 2010

Blinux Listers,

This concerns the liblouis and liblouisxml Free, Open Source braille 
transcription software. We have recently introduced the ability to 
handle xpath expressions into liblouisxml. The code seems to be ok, but 
all xpath expressions return an empty node set. If you help you will be 
contributing to the goal of producing a completely free braille 
transcription package which surpasses the best commercial software.

To get started, go to From there you can go 
to the google code page and find the svn repository. The tarball on the 
downloads page does not contain this feature.

John J. boyer; President, Chief Software Developer
Abilitiessoft, Inc.
Madison, Wisconsin USA
Developing software for people with disabilities

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