How do blind people play games?

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I used to be in to the blind gaming stuff quite a bit. Not so much now.
There are some websites to check out. (I think its .net, could be .com or .org.) has a massive list of blind accessible games some free, some commercial.


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I will be giving a talk at Libre Software Meeting 2010 in Bordeaux about
the above mentioned topic.  I do know some things but I am actually
no hardcore gamer type of guy.  So I was thinking that it would be very
interesting to hear about your personal experiences so that I can avoid
forgetting about really cool things.  I should probably explain that
this talk is in the context of a free software conference, but I am not
really limiting myself to free and open source games only.  This is not
to promote non-free software, rather the contrary, I'd like to inspire
people to maybe start working on free clones of the already existing

So, if you are blind or visually impaired and you have played any kind
of computer games in the past, please let me know about it.
Was the game especially designed for your disability, or did you use any
tricks to make it playable?  If so, what tricks did you use?
Or do you perhaps know of any (alive) open source project
which is somehow related to gaming for the blind?

Let me know about it.  And please reply fast, I am in the middle of
preparing the actual slides, so the earlier I get your story the more
likely I will be able to weave it in properly.


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