Vinux 3.0 strangeness

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Wed Jul 7 02:54:15 UTC 2010

An account of what was tried on this end is probably first in order. I 
tried all keystroke combinations in the Vinux faq file after boot up had 
been achieved with no sound from the sound card. I also tried running 
Vinux-2.0-cli-max on the same computer with the speakers plugged in the 
same way they were for Vinux 3.0.  Strangely, vinux-2.0-cli-max speaks and 
comes up talking.  As proof of this statement, the user directory is empty 
but the root directory has the ceni utility in it along with a 
script. So my conclusions are that some change or changes were done to 
sound card utilities or drivers between versions which broke some 
necessary piece of the system's accessibility and that will be found in 
the changelog file or certain necessary parts were damaged by hacking of 
ubuntu images and those once converted hadn't been tested with this 
particular equipment combination.  Either way it's good to know the 
2.0-cli-max version works since I may in about a week's time be asked to 
set up an accessible linux box for another sspeech-using screen reader 
user.  What I'm curious about and will find out in a little while is if 
installing 2.0-cli-max and then going through the upgrades process will 
also break speech once done.  If it does, then ubuntu developers did the 
change and not vinux developers most likely.

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