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Wed Jul 7 23:58:55 UTC 2010

Vinux has a cli version available and that cli version can at a later 
date be turned into a gui version.  If you download and can get the cli 
version talking there's not much to do to get yourself a gui version by 
installing a few files rather than pulling down an entirely new 
distribution.  When I want to do that, I run tasksel and check desktop 
environment with the space bar; that puts a star to the left of desktop 
environment and hitting space bar again removes the star from the left 
of desktop environment.  I also put a star to the left of data base, 
then I tab to ok and hit enter and let the system install what it needs.
  Then as root, I run orca -t in text mode and configure orca don't worry 
about python error messages.  I do the same orca -t command in my user 
account then I reboot the system.  If I want to do command line when all 
is silent after speech has started up I hit control-alt-f1 and then hit 
enter.  If not I key in my user name and hit enter and key in my password 
and hit enter and I go into gui environment with orca already talking.On 
Sun, 6 Jun 2010, Leslie Fairall wrote:

> Ok, a few more questions:
> 1. Does Ubuntu require sighted help to install or is there a way to install 
> it with Brltty?
> 2. Should I go with Ubuntu or explore Vinux, which I believe is an off-shoot 
> of Ubuntu?
> Thanks for any advice.
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